Full diagnostic assessment

If, as a result of a positive screening assessment, a full diagnostic assessment is required, within three months of the screening test, a £50 reduction will be given on the full diagnostic price.

The Full Diagnostic Assessment tests the following:-

* Underlying Ability (Verbal and Non Verbal)

* Phonological Awareness

* Phonological Memory

* Visual Memory

* Auditory Memory

* Speed of Processing

* Reading

* Spelling

* Writing

* Sequential Knowledge

The assessment takes between three to four hours. The tests are able to pick out strengths as well as weaker areas and both will be taken into consideration when recommending support, learning strategies and working methods.

All tests are standardised and so provide evidence of performance relative to the norm.

As Assessors of Specific Learning Difficulties we are able to identify other possible learning differences. These may include:

* Dysgraphia and written expression

* Dyscalculia (numeracy)

* Dyspraxia

* Irlen Syndrome or Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome.


* ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder)

* Moderate/General Learning Difficulties (MLD/GLD)

Cost of Full Diagnostic Assessment: £350

Cost if taken within 3 months of a Screening Assessment: £300

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