Just a few of the many distortions that can be experienced by someone who has Irlen® Syndrome/Visual Stress

Irlen® Syndrome Screening assessment

Irlen® Syndrome is a “Perceptual Dysfunction”, which affects processing of information from the eye to the brain.

It often affects people when attempting to read black text on white paper.  In severe cases, it can affect a person’s hand-eye co-ordination and depth perception.

It is enhanced by environmental stressors, such as: lighting, contrast, colours, patterns and the amount of print on a page.

It can affect anyone, regardless of other learning difficulties.  Symptoms are often described as "words moving" or "going blurry" when attempting to read, predominantly black text on a white background. 

People who have Irlen® Syndrome often report their eyes feeling tired after reading, or experiencing headaches when attempting to read.  Different lighting conditions can also affect a person’s ability to read.

Some people who have Irlen® Syndrome are misdiagnosed as having dyslexia, ADHD or General Learning Difficulties (GLD/MLD).

It is not detected by standard optical or ophthalmological eye tests.

If identified, a relatively low tech solution can be provided, which will benefit the user immensely.

If you or any of your family experience any of the above symptoms, contact us to book the next available screening assessment.

Irlen® Syndrome Screening Assessment: £95 (includes full report and first set of Irlen® approved Overlays)

Additional Overlays: £4 each

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