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Are you and your staff ready to meet this year’s JCQ regulations? There have been some changes since last academic year (2015/2016) and Teaching Assistants now have a role to play in the new process.

Students who are awarded Access Arrangements need to have appropriate evidence in their file to meet the JCQ Inspector Standards. This academic year (2016/2017) JCQ Inspectors will visit every exam centre. Student files will be inspected to ensure all the correct documentation is on file.

Student files should contain ‘Normal way of Working’ evidence and this academic year Support Staff/Teaching Assistants are able to record evidence of normal way of working to be included in the file.

This will take the load off subject teachers but are your support staff trained?

Do you support staff/teaching assistants know what constitutes normal way of working?

Do they know what to record?

Do they understand the role they play in Access Arrangements and what questions the JCQ Inspectors are likely to ask?

Greater Manchester Dyslexia Centre can offer training for support staff in gathering and recording evidence to meet JCQ inspector’s standards.

Staff employed at the centre are specialist tutors who have received training on this year’s JCQ Access Arrangements and are familiar with working with students with special needs.

We can offer half day training to meet your staff’s needs at your premises during the day or in a twilight session (4 – 7pm).

Please contact the centre to discuss your needs and the relevant costs.

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